Customers stories

Katy easily created a beauty e-shop on a shared web hosting in few clicks for $2.99 and got a free CDN service, but when her audience grew up thus she finished at $99.99/month for a dedicated server and at $200 for a CDN business plan for e-commerce from the same providers. Fortunately, there were solutions she didn’t know. With a help and the same performance, her monthly bills reduced by 90% from $299.99 down to $30 a month, decreased by $270 a month, or $2240 a year, and 22240 per 10 years. Read more…

Terry runs own local business and uses Google Analytics to study the behaviour and demographics of the website visitors. Terry knows that more than a half of the website visitors are foreigners those will never become paid customers in her local business, just waste a banwidh and suck the server performance. Also, Terry would like to earn on Adsense (Google’s advertisement program) but doesn’t wanna show advertisement of competitors to own paying customers. Finally, Terry found out that it’s possible to recognize customers and show the ads only if they’re not potential customers.

Danny is an ambicious, analytical, and independent thinker which doesn’t like a compromise. He doesn’t like even the words like “compromise”, “others do”, “most popular”, “many other options”, etc., because he knows that a compromise doesn’t help to make his ideas a reality (thereafter his projects). He wanted a server-side programmer and web developer in one to bring a project to life (exactly how he wanted it). He knew that his needs are special and wanted some custom functions around it, so he searched for a programmer which can build the custom algorithms for him.

Antony knew that he needed to speed up the lazy load of his websites that took up to 2 seconds because of SEO, leaving visitors (lost profit), and complains. Nevertheless, the planned budget was very limited. With the needed optimalization on both, server and client side, his website load time took less than 1 second and, also, his positions in search engine results such as Google went up.