Selected and trusted by 63.5K web developers

Rememberably, at the beginning of 2019, my social network accounts announced a passed jubilee of 3 years from 2018. In 2015, as an experiment, to show a part of my portfolio, drive web traffic, do something charitative (to give away a free code), and earn on paid downloads, I published either many free and paid CMS extensions (plugins, modules, and themes). To be accepted and consequently listed in the Joomla directory, Joomla staff required that the plugins had to be tested by their testers (PHP programmers), meantime, WordPress directory doesn't list any paid extensions. Down to Earth, it's not sensational, very rare for a CMS extension developer, however, in fact, the statistical report discloses 63.5K (individual IPs), a trust and choice of 63510 web developers, designers (including professionals trusted by you, developers working on multiple CMS platforms which offer you their services, you could hire them or you've already done so) and amateur web administrators chose, decided to use (one or multiple) of my Joomla extensions. Correlatively, you can make an assumption that my portfolio includes ~63K websites silently ran, powered by my digital products (code).

Out of this count, there are also other (but just a few thousand) downloads of WordPress themes and plugins (but the IP addresses weren't very well counted due to multiple sources of traffic thus WordPress goes out of this topic and I don't mention it anymore).

This experiment ran for 3 years, brought much evidence of negatively compensating factors that negated a total net profit via decreased profitability from other IT activities in services, so the result indicated that it might be good to change the tactic. There has been made a conclusion that the earnings made on the minority of paid extensions big weren't enough to compensate negative co-factors like the working time, time spent on solving problems with competitive programmers that always tried to DDoS their competition selling extensions, and I had a lot of communication, sent messages with Google support. In multiple times, when Google bot had repeatedly found a link to a downloadable file ending ".zip", a free zipped file then the there was waiting for me a message in my e-mails and Google webmaster tools had for me a report mentioning this file as unusual (common downloadable files are in formats like e.g., .jpg,, .pdf, etc) thus Google bot considered it suspicious and automatically decreased my SEO score (this had been lowering the positions in Google results for my own website wherein I offer my services thus compensating any of my earnings from plugins, negating it from the total potential of the total income). I used to hope that free downloads attract web admins to take also something paid, but statistically, if they came straight away to open their wallets then they didn't limit themselves to buy also some other extensions. If someone came to buy one then it was common that the same person paid also for something else. Meantime, people coming for something free took also second of free items but usually, didn't spend anything.