About Unisoftdev

Legal info

Unisoftdev constitutes a legal business entity registered under the HM Revenue & Custom (recognized by the governmental institutions of the UK, therefore internationally) as a sole-trader (a type of enterprise that is owned and represented by a sole responsible person of the business). In fact, a sole-trader can hire people, have own employees, and run international business, however, each one sole-trader is seen as a natural person, not a representant of a (distinct) law person having some different responsibility. Also, "Unisoftdev" stands for a registered business name and is run by Juraj Vysvader (by me).

About Unisoftdev



I'm Juraj Vysvader, excitedly communicative coffee addict and quite interested hearer, an obsessive coder found being helpful by 63510 tracked web developers, freelance developer/contractor by myself, and yet, at the time, I'm a computer scientist finishing university studies against a degree. 


I came to the IT fields in my 15 (via my high school directly related to computing, meantime, this was a different IT field and not computer science like at my university). Computer science is not only in-demand by employers, but computer science is also sexy. As a naturally analytic and eccentrically creative being looking at all the progressive potential in engineering, futuristic services, and science, I seem to see attractive subjects such as programming, Artificial Intelligence (including subfields like Machine Learning), information retrieval or data mining, software engineering, web development, discrete mathematics (usable also for their proof of concept, something purely scientific), etc... I started with my studies a bit later, however, immediately when it was possible to arrange. Nowadays, it's very popular or rather available to take non-accredited MOOCs like Coursera, etc and of course, even if academically accredited studies (at my university) take the first place so instead, I prioritize my university then yet still, why to limit ourselves and not to take additional stuff, additional value that we are interested in like thru EDx, Google, Cognitive Classes, Udemy gives me even a nice profile.  

Porfolio / experience

In a self-driven and creative manner of my freelance past, I used to work on extensions (plugins, modules, themes) for CMS (Content Management Systems) and along with online sells, I had been hunting for individual clients having some on-demand expectations. This started somewhen around 2015 in the UK, yet before it had been run abroad. This website has got a dedicated page with in-depth detail about this part of my portfolio. It reports ~63K web developers, website designers, and other IT professionals together with amateurs that viewed, chose, and came to download and reuse my work for websites of their clients or for themselves. Furthermore, you can see my GitHub account having different examples of my work. However, to cope with the privacy law, do all legally, protect my clients (customers), and stay behind my own words, I don't share information that could either in a theory or frequent practice lead to their identification (e.g. websites) of my clients thru their personal, contact, and other trackable or directly recognizable (e.g. visually recorded) info. That's the policy applied in a practice. 

This was about many areas, meantime, within some areas of experience, this topic becomes philosophical rather than pragmatical and I'm not a philosopher... Questionably, if we speak about modern tech then this point of view might be shortsighted. In the case of customized orders and new technologies, [chrono]logically, you can't have 10 years of experience with new, edge cutting technologies because it's new since it's new - not long years old as could be experienced with outdated technologies. Programming and networking is a complex & creative problem-solving activity in an algorithmic way, not a repetitive activity that should (is recommended to) be performed automatically (with a long training even without thinking) like e.g. many sports activities. It doesn't work in the same way as a sport. Any thoughts?

Where did the name come from?

Do you know BackRub? That's an old name of the company rubbing backlinks (Google), or Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web (Yahoo), Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation (IBM), Research in Motion (Blackberry), and Confinity (PayPal). Well, and now, Unisoftdev means: "Universal Software Dev". There'll be some tests, experiments, Unisoftdev will get more collected feedback in a year, or two and it's not impossible that the name can be changed. But it's not gonna happen in the next one year, minimally. If there'll be any changes of the name, all the traffic from the Unisoftdev's domains will be redirected automatically and the domain name will be held forever either way. If it's really gonna happen (that's not sure at all) then It's not gonna have any influence on the website, or social media accounts, or any legal things. Everything will be set up to work like before.