• Credited by ~63K

    Thanks ~63K web developers, designers, along with other IT professionals and hobbyists that chose and credited my work and its usability by installing my CMS products in their projects.

  • Affordable prices

    You might come by a prettier price and modern tech solutions that aren't yet a standard in the IT sector. The chances are that you make a good deal which you will thrive with.

  • New technologies

    In a conscious manner, any results are measurable. Computer science mind measurements, facts, and proof of concept, but not opinions. I bring evidence, not what somebody said and thought.

  • More solutions

    In algorithmic sequences, programming is problem solving and I can solve many more than if you pay for click installations of prefab software that doesn't suit your own individual needs.


Hi, you are welcome to meet me! Let's see who to reach a help from and some additional legal info behind the brand name on the pages about Unisoftdev.

The developer

Unisoftdev, that's my business name and I'm Juraj Vysvader, open-mindedly talkative coffeeholic, (from 2015) a contractor / freelancer registered by HMRC, so a remote developer living in London (in the UK).

My major, field of university studies is "science in computer science", or thereat informally, it's a STEM discipline sometimes known for software engineering, web development, and mathematics. The chances are, you might also need some of my subjects such as e.g.: AI (artificial intelligence), information retrieval, algorithms, programming, networking, databases, cybersecurity, etc. Before, I entered IT fields as 15 years old (at my high school, I studied computing technology but in a totally different IT field).